Mr. Wiener

Our 6 foot tall fiberglass statue from the Philippines (wearing his Burger King crown)

NOTE: Click on any photo for a larger view

Twin fiberglass hot dog statues

Smaller than Mr. Wiener (we also have a hot dog lamp by the same people)


A few of approximately 3 dozen Nathan's Franksters (Bendies) in the collection

Frankie Frank, Mr. Potato Head's mutant wiener cousin, Mr. Mustard and Chuey the Chorizo

Sugardale Hot Dogs "bobble head" icon

Helmut the Hot Dog Man from Comic-Con

Mrs. Uncle Frank and dancing Scooby Doo

Various advertising icons, promotionals, etc, several dozen, maybe even more

Hot Dog Heaven

Back lit sign panel (from our time in Silicon Valley)

It's 6 feet by 9 feet, we've been dragging it around for over 20 years now and it'd make a great
skylight, etc..

Surf Dogs

Sign from defunct weenie stand in North County (San Diego)

Professionally built, 10 feet long, cost the original owner thousands & weighs approximately 200 lbs


Mr. Big Bite - a 7-11 promotional

Print by Philadelphia hot dog artist Hawk Krall
"Still life with hot dogs" - Oil painting by Jerry Lebo

Almost 6 feet tall hot dog cut out - a recent acquisition

Reproduction signs

Mrs. Uncle Frank's hot dog tapestry


Another neon

Metal sign found at the Del Mar Good Guys car show

Neon by Bill Concannon of Aargon Neon in Crockett, Ca (1987)

Neons, fake neons, paintings, prints, posters and other framed pieces, dozens of wall hangings...

Costumes & uniforms

Uncle Frank & friend (Wienerschnitzel's Der Wiener Dog)

Mrs. Uncle Frank's hot dog costume

We'll need at least 3 mannequins for Uncle Frank's tux, the hot dog costume & a Frankette uniform

The Frankie Award for Hot Dog Excellence

A hallway devoted to The Frankie Award for Hot Dog Excellence and its' recipients.

Numerous items and graphics...

Custom oak table

Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig & Elmer Fudd hot dog jigsaw puzzle under glass table

Built to hold Christmas cookies for our customers at Hot Diggidy Dogs in Silicon Valley

Oscar Mayer Pedal Car Coffee Table Project

We have all the parts (pedal car, base, ceramic tiles and neon wands) except the glass case...

Hot dog cookers, steamers & other devices...

A fairly recent addition...

Hot dog truck cooker

Extremely rare Car-B-Cue (plug it into your cigarette lighter and it cooks 2 weenies at a time)
Notice stack of recently acquired hot dog cookers next to Mrs. Uncle Frank's desk


Commemorative Oscar Mayer plate from the mid 1980s

Approximately 2 dozen decorative hot dog platters from the 1950's to the present

Wienermobiles - Several dozen, maybe more...

RC Wienermobile

Bigfoot Wienermobile by Tony OK of Davenport, Iowa (1 of about half a dozen in the collection)

Early style Wienermobile with pop up Little Oscar

Unfinished customized hot rod Wienermobile with Uncle Frank figure

Hot dog shaped items

The Hot Dog Hot Line by Terry Axelson

The collection also includes a hot dog music box, radio, salt & pepper shakers, bank, squirt gun, etc, etc, etc

To see more of this very amusing display, please visit our web site...


Wim the Sausage King - a Hummel figurine

Almost a dozen bronze, marble and gold statuettes: Ron Lee, Hummel, Judi & others...

Push carts & weenie stands

From Lemax Village

Also from Lemax Village

Igor's weenies - Notice axe behind his back, skeleton legs, skull on pole...

Yet another recent acquisition to the collection

Several dozen at least...

California Barbie's hot dog stand

A recent acquisition from Department 56

Reproduction cast iron bank / weenie stand